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Zaikun Xu
AI, Biologist

CTO at Deep Cube SA  |  Biologist and Kaggler

Master of Bioinformatics University of Kansas, USA  |  Master of Informatics University of Lugano, CH  |  Bachelor of Biochemistry University of Ocean, CHINA

Ranked 5th worldwide in Deep Convolutional Neural Networks at Kaggle.   |  Winner of the new world record in the Diabetic Retinopathy AI Model in ophthalmology (beating Google’s AI team).

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Dr. Jingjing Lin
EdTech, web development, Educator, eLearning specialist, entrepreneurship education

Cofounder of Aha Education Sagl  |  Founder of

PhD in Communication Sciences, University of Lugano, CH  |  Master of Sciences in IT in Education, HK  |  Bachelor of Sciences in Administration, PRC

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Nikolaos Chatziandreou
Scientific Research, Communication, Project Management, Journal Development Specialist

12-Year postdoc fellowship in biomedicine at Harvard Medical School, USA |  Institute for Research in Biomedicine, CH  |  University of Liverpool, UK

PhD Molecular Virology, University of St Andrews, UK |  Master of Arts (MA) Managing Archaeological Sites, University College London, UK |  BSc (Hons) Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Essex, UK

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