Where to look for jobs in Switzerland?

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Well, we have to admit that being a job seeker in this multilingual nation called Switzerland is not as easy as eating a piece of gelato. It is always perfect to have someone you know who can deliver your CV to HR manager of a Swiss firm. But we cannot always get what we want in life, isn’t it? So what if you don’t have such contact but still want to find a job, which the majority of job seekers share your intention for sure. And where can you go to find a job in Switzerland?

This post is to share some websites that you can go to check and send out your applications for Swiss jobs. Cannot guarantee your luck in finding one, but hey one step a time. Visibility online cannot be ignored in a digital era, isn’t it?

So here we go, if you are looking for jobs in Switzerland, these are websites that you should not miss.

  1. Alpha.ch
  2. Academics.ch
  3. ICTjobs.ch
  4. Careertrend.com
  5. Indeed.com
  6. euraxess.ch
  7. www.fr.ch
  8. academicpositions.com
  9. www.jobscout24.ch
  10. www.jobup.ch
  11. www.jobsingeneva.com
  12. www.careerjet.ch
  13. www.manpower.ch
  14. www.jobs.ch
  15. www.thelocal.ch
  16. switzerland.xpatjobs.com
  17. www.expatinch.com
  18. www.englishforum.ch
  19. www.qual.ch
  20. www.employment-law.ch
  21. jobtic.ch
  22. www.monster.ch
  23. www.experis.ch
  24. jobsinzurich.com
  25. www.topjobs.ch
  26. jobsuchmaschine.ch
  27. www.expatica.com/ch
  28. http://computerjobs.com/ch/en/IT-Jobs/
  29. https://talendo.ch/en/jobs/search
  30. https://job.educa.ch/en
  31. https://www.cofoundme.org/ (Swiss startups’ job opportunities)

Some other useful links about Working in Switzerland recommended by State Secretariat for Migration:


ch.ch helps you navigate the agencies of the federal, cantonal and district administrations. Find answers to topical questions about everyday life in Switzerland and get linked to the appropriate agencies.

Jobarea Switzerland

The Regional Employment Centers (RAV) help job seekers find employment and secure unemployment insurance.


The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) is the Swiss labour market authority, and thus it is responsible for the law on job placement and unemployment insurance. The cantons, the regional employment centres (RAV), the logistics centres for labour market measures (LMM) and the unemployment insurance funds are responsible for executing these laws.

SECO works to reduce unemployment in cooperation with its executive partners. The unemployment insurance (UI) ensures an adequate replacement income and aims at securing a quick and lasting reintegration of unemployed people into the labour market. Moreover, SECO represents Switzerland in international matters relating to job placement and hiring of staff, as well as all issues concerning unemployment.

Important experience learnt

Listen, if you expect yourself to be unemployed soon, report to unemployment office as soon as possible. You can benefit from a maximum two-year unemployment salary and feel less stressful when seeking other opportunities in the job market. If you did not do so on-time, you will easily lose this benefit.

Also, if you are self-employed such as being an entrepreneur, unfortunately you will not be qualified to be registered for enjoying unemployment benefit.

The unemployment benefit does not only cover monthly salary but also include intensive language courses or certificate courses for you to boost your skills in the Swiss job market, which can significantly help your way into another job.

If you are not satisfied with your CV yet, try to use this online free tool Europass to create your CV and export it as PDF. It also allows you to create customized cover letter to inform your employers your motivation for applying for the job. It is a very useful tool that you really should try.


To sum up, it is good to have a Swiss contact locally to help you with employment. If not, put yourself online and in local events to boost your visibility both online and offline. And don’t forget to register for unemployment status and benefit before the current employment contract expires on you.

This post will be constantly updated to include more links that can guide you to more job opportunities in Switzerland. If you have more to add, please do feel free to write to me by email (jingjing.lin@aha.education). I will gladly include your contents and credit your contribution in the post.

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