Zefix – Central Business Name Index

An online peer-to-peer community for entrepreneurs in Switzerland.

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The Confederation exerts a high level of surveillance and maintains a central register. It is updated every day and can be accessed through the Central Business Name Index, Zefix. However, the cantons are responsible for the management of the register and must have at least one register. In the cantons of Bern (BE) and Valais (VS), the register is kept by the district.

There are currently around 30 trade registers in Switzerland. Anyone can request excerpts from the register in return for payment of a fee and thus obtain information on a company. Excerpts can also be consulted on the internet. The information is available on the Zefix portal.

Paid entries in the trade register are also published in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce. Essential information on registered companies is also found in the Swiss Directory of the Trade Register.

New entrepreneurs are often contacted by private registers. This type of registration often leads to expenses more than anything else.

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