EEN – an international network for SMEs and Start-ups

An online peer-to-peer community for entrepreneurs in Switzerland.

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The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) supports small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in working with other businesses in Europe and countries outside of Europe, implementing innovation and research projects and entering new markets. It consists of more than 600 member organisation in over 60 countries.

Are you looking for international project partners from research, development or business? Would you like to expand your business internationally, and do you need practical advice on business opportunities and new markets? If so, you will benefit from the Enterprise Europe Network’s expertise and extensive contacts. The EEN’s services are available free of charge to all Swiss organizations, including R&D institutions and academia.

What services does the EEN provide?

  • Support in finding international partners from academia, industry and science for research, innovation and business collaborations
  • Organization of partnering events at international fairs
  • Information and advice on existing funding options
  • Advice on the legal and regulatory framework in new markets

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