01-1: Incubators/Accelerators

Startup Campus: Trainings about entrepreneurship in Switzerland

An online peer-to-peer community for entrepreneurs in Switzerland.

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STARTUP CAMPUS offers a wide range of startup activities for aspiring entrepreneurs and established startups, startup coaches, investors, and business angels. STARTUP CAMPUS brings together the threads of various startup activities: Innosuisse Start-up Trainings, individual startup coachings, coworking spaces, startup incubators, exciting startup events, awards as well as professional conferences on current entrepreneurial topics.

All these offers are only possible thanks to the strong strength of the consortium behind STARTUP CAMPUS. The consortium consists of universities, colleges, and techno- and innovation parks in the Zurich – Eastern Switzerland region. STARTUP CAMPUS is co-led by the ZHAW School of Management and Law and the Technopark Zurich.

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