Entrepreneurship and Innovation Summer School – 2 weeks program

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This intensive two-weeks intensive program featuring an intensive program of specialized studies in international entrepreneurship, combined with innovation and technology, in a multicultural environment.

An entrepreneurial environment will take place. students will have the opportunity to gain experience by exploring Swiss and International SME’s and start-ups by analysing international entrepreneurship environment. This focus on visionary and entrepreneurial thinking will provide participants the capabilities to undertake entrepreneurial and organizational activities. Participants will learn the characteristics of entrepreneurs and how entrepreneurial activity systems are designed.

They will also learn how to apply and use the entrepreneurial model of vision in order to understand entrepreneurial behaviour in multicultural environments and use it as a basis to develop their own system of visionary and entrepreneurial thinking.

Students who successfully complete this summer school module will be awarded an official certificate of participation from the School of Management Fribourg Switzerland. In addition, students will earn ETCS validated by our partner universities.

• To provide the knowledge, tools and conceptual framework needed to undertake entrepreneurial activities in an international environment
• To offer a course of study in a topic related to entrepreneurship, innovation and SMEs, which present students an international experience through a global entrepreneurial ecosystem

Students of the immersion program should have an interest in entrepreneurship with international background and

can act entrepreneurially. Students should be able to identify business opportunities. Regardless if student become an entrepreneur in the future, the course should stimulate potential entrepreneurial behaviour.

• This program focuses on undergraduate students with excellent academic achievement.
• English Skills, at B1 European level or higher are essential.
• Previous knowledge of Entrepreneurial activities, International relation or new business are taken into account.
Please contact our international office in order to have more information.


Lectures; Documentation; Company visits; Transport form our School to the companies; Networking events; outdoor event and 2 weeks’ accommodation.
• Classroom Participation 40%
• Case Studies & Assignments 40%
• Assistance 20%.

In order to complete the summer school experience, we organize every year different company visits as part of the program, Global Start-ups, SM’Es and Swiss traditional companies. As: Creaholic, Marley Innovation Center, Hublot, etc.

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