Cost projection of a startup

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For an overview of costs involved in setting up a company, consult the check-list below for planning capital requirements.

One-off expenditure Recurring expenditure

  • Administrative costs and costs of requests and authorizations
  • Consultation fees (trust company, lawyer, adviser)
  • Training for entrepreneurs/coaching

Architectural investment

  • New building
  • Restructuring, renovations

Administrative investment

  • Vehicles
  • PC (hardware, software, installation)
  • Fitting out offices (desks, chairs, etc.)
  • Phones, fax, photocopier, cell phone, modem for e-mail, answering machine (costs for equipment and installation)

Production investment

  • Technical installations, machines (equipment)
  • Installation


  • Storage for two to three months (first purchases)

Marketing and advertising (startup)

  • Company sign, signs, neon signs
  • Stationery (letterhead, business cards, folders, work by graphic designers)
  • Company portrait and brochure (graphic designer, photographer, lithographer, printing)
  • Presentation space
  • Website (design)
Marketing and advertising

  • Mailing
  • Client events
  • Press/PR
  • Advertising
  • Website (maintenance)

Operating/administration charges

  • Vehicle maintenance
  • IT maintenance (consultation, updates)
  • Phone installation and costs (maintenance, contract, taxes)
  • Fax costs (contract and taxes)
  • Internet costs
  • Photocopier service costs (paper, maintenance)
  • Leasing payment
  • Repairs
  • Transport
  • Electricity
  • Cleaning
  • Bank interest and charges
  • Rent, including utilities and heating

Production expenses

  • Machines and upkeep of installations (maintenance, overhauls, repairs)
  • Electricity, water and residual water
  • Rent (including utilities and heating)
  • Leasing payment

Staff costs, insurance, consultations

  • CEO’s salary
  • Employees’ salaries
  • Social security and personal insurance contributions (Old-Age and Survivors’ Insurance – OASI, Unemployment Insurance, Occupational Pension Insurance – OP, daily allowances, Accident Insurance – UV)
  • Miscellaneous insurance (fire, suspension of business activity, etc.)
  • Trust company, lawyer, company adviser
  • Association membership fees

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